Bhutan: A Kingdom of Happiness

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Bhutan leads the way in measuring development and sustainability in terms of “happiness”. We believe that this approach has the potential to serve as a new development model worldwide.

Imagine a world that supports Gross National Happiness!

…There is Bhutan…one little node where the Buddhist wisdom of living with nature and living harmoniously and with compassion basis with society is able to pick and choose with concepts like Gross National Happiness of what is good about modernity and what is not good. And reject the not good. Not just go through a cycle of trying out the not good and poisoning themselves and then trying to recover. Because there’s no time for that now. WE have to stop that ourselves and we have to completely change our way of life.

– Robert Thurman, October 14, 2009

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Our team shares a love, vision and passion to tell this story about the last Buddhist Kingdom and the promise of hope that Bhutan brings to the world. Our combined vision and stewardship for this project continues to not only create a breathtaking film, it is also opening doors and multiple dialogues about new ways of education, public policy, environmental awareness, conscious business and other ways of simply being in the world!

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You can make a difference by choosing happiness!

Your contribution will help us to complete Bhutan: A Kingdom of Happiness and to spread the word about Bhutan and Gross National Happiness through our outreach efforts.  Bhutan seeks to change the world by using its wisdom to become a role model for happiness and sustainability.  Our goal is to finish Bhutan: A Kingdom of Happiness and then use the film as a catalyst for on-going dialogues about education, the environment, democracy and happiness.

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